8 Interesting Facts That You Must Know Regarding Agra Fort!

No doubt, there are plenty of popular heritage places built in India that attract more and more visitors and encourage them to visit twice or more time, and Agra Fort is also one of them. Agra Fort is one of the best historical forts in the city of Agra in India.

Agra is a small city in northern India and is situated 225 kilometers from India’s capital city, New Delhi. The city is famous for the Taj Mahal, built by the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan when the love of his life i.e., Mumtaj, died during childbirth. There are certain numbers of interesting facts that you never heard before. Here are the top interesting facts.

    • Agra Fort was the symbol of power, strength, and resilience for those times. The fort runs parallel to the Yamuna river and the moat, to dates, remains connected to the river.
    • Although it shows and is a classic example of Islamic architecture, the fort has a separate section for Hindu temples and places where Hindu people would worship their gods. It was since Akbar’s wife, jodha bai, was a Hindu.
    • The location of the fort is of such strategic importance that 80% of the fort, as of now, is under the control of the Indian Military and is closed to the public. We can clearly imagine on what basis the fort was built at that time.
    • Most part of the fort is made of red sandstone that attracts more and more visitors. It was Akbar who had a fantasy for red walls and architectures made of sandstone. He brought over 4000 premium sandstone from the quarries spread across northern India to build the fort as he wanted.
    • Upon entering the fort from the southern gate, visitors can see a 60-degree inclined walkway to move up to the main complex of the fort. However, it was made 60 degrees inclined so that during the siege the enemy elephants and horses can’t climb with great efficiency.
    • The fort shows us one of the best examples of the Lavish lifestyle of the Mughal Kings. The Sheesh Mahal, made of Belgian glass, was of importance to the recreational activity of the Mughal Kings.
    • Agra Fort is much devastated to date. The gold and ruby plated walls, gems embedded on them, and all the luxurious and lavish Mughal decorations were dismantled and looted by the Britishers.
    • No doubt, much of the fort is covered with white marbles. It was Akbar’s son Shah Jahan, who had an ever longing desire for palaces with white color.

The Final Words!

The above-mentioned points are interesting facts of Agra Fort that attracts more and more visitors and encourage them to visit it several times with their beloved partners throughout the journey. If you are love to visit heritage places then Agra Fort is the best place and you must visit it at least once.

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