Schools in Delhi Will Not Reopen Till the Situation of Covid19 is under Control

Schools & Colleges have been shut since March Due to the Covid19. A lot of states have already opened the schools, but Health Minister Satyender Jain has already announced that schools will remain closed due to the Novel Coronavirus. Earlier, the AAP government had announced that schools in the city would be remained completely closed till further notice. The situation is getting worse in Delhi, so no schools will reopen until the Covid-19 situation is being in control. Satyender Jain claimed that a vaccine would be available in the market soon. Delhi Health Minister has Claim that, AAP government is doing everything best.

Four metro Cities have mostly affected India, Such as Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. Indian Government is doing their great to save each and every life.

Statement of the CM Sisodia on the re-opening of Schools in Delhi

Chief Minister of Delhi has already said that there will be no chance of re-opening the Schools in Delhi. There is no parent in Delhi who will send their kid to school until they are safer and secure. No parent wants to risk the health of children at this time. As per the new unlock guidelines, the Government has already allowed reopening the schools that are available outside of containment zones. They have re-opened the school for Classes 9 to 12.

Restriction of the International Flights till The 31st December

DGCA has already announced the restriction on international flights till the 31st of December. There are selected flights are allowed in the India. As Coronavirus is spreading so selected flights will be allowed in the India. The restriction will not be applied to all the cargo operations & flights that are approved by the DGCA. International scheduled flights will be allowed on few routes. If you are also traveling into any other country before December 31, then you should check the restrictions on the country or flights.

Ban on Specific international Flights: How will you able to Travel?

Any person who wants to travel into any kind of foreign country will have to pay close attention to the bubble arrangements. There are some special flights that will be operated by airlines among territories. Make sure that you are checking the international flights under the mission of Vande Bharat. Make sure that you are reading the guidelines regarding international flights. Indian Government is already taking the necessary steps that will help in controlling the situation.

Air Bubble Pact

If you want to travel internationally, then it will surely depend on the arrangements of the air bubble. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of information about the air bubble pact, then you should make contact with a flight specialist so you will able to get a sufficient amount of genuine information about the special flights. The government has already made the graded relaxation in the visa & travel restrictions for the variety of categories of foreign and Indian nationals.

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