Importance Of Protecting Our Heritage And Museums

Museums, the buildings preserving the history and heritage of a particular race, community, culture, or nation, are vital parts of any country. This is because they are nothing but heritage buildings that help protect and safeguard the historical values of a place. They also help maintain the record of important historical, religious, and social events that may have occurred in that place in the past. At the same time, apart from being a great knowledge resource to current generations, the museums also help generate revenue by attracting tourists from areas far and near and hence contribute to the economy of a country in the easiest possible ways.

Top 5 world museums


The first one on our list is Rijksmuseum. One of the Dutch art museums located in Amsterdam is famous for its gallery of honor and collection of approximately 1 million objects from between the years 1200 to 2000.

The Prado

Opened in 1819 by King Ferdinand VI, the building houses a series of eye-catching and attractive paintings and sculptures from 17th-century Spanish history and attracts more than 3 million visitors every year.


MoMA, an acronym for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, USA, was initially opened as an educational institution. It displays the best of modern art. If you love to create a blend of modernity and tradition, then this place is a must-visit for you. Talking about Heritage and Culture, the place not only has paintings, sculptures, and statues like any other museum, but it also has a great collection of about 20 000 films, scripts, historical documents, and even videos and media works.

The Vatican museums

The Vatican City of Italy has one of the most prominent catholic churches globally and is known for its museums and the wealth of cultural preservations that it holds.

The stage hermitage museum

It is the second-largest museum in the world. The design and structure of the place are as Royal as the Russian Kings. It includes the winter Palace along with large historic buildings in its collection. It also contains numismatic objects and architectural artifacts and some graphic works and sculptures that preserve the great grandeur of Russian culture and history.

Why is it needed to conserve the heritage and history of a place?

  • It is an important means in the development of a city and a place.
  • It helps in the identification of the cultural resources and the analysis of their past. This includes the values that people of that particular place held sacred, the kind of life they lived, and the customs and traditions that they followed.
  • It also helps in maintaining the legacy and taking forward or modifying those values as per the changing generations.

In conclusion, it enables the Government of a country to define the nation’s historical milestones and attracts more tourists from all over the world for the growth of the tourism industry.

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