Air Pollution By Crackers – A Common But Very Significant National Issue!

Huge population means great number of motor vehicles on the road that leads to air pollution. No doubt, most of the nations are working well to controlling the air pollution day by day, but still they are still ignoring the problems that they are going to face in future. Well, if we talk about the festivals such as New Year, Christmas and also the Diwali in India, people burn various kinds of crackers that emit toxic gas that create problem for the public that living in the nation.

Air pollution from crackers!

According to the ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) and four state governments on the whether the use of the fire crackers be banned during the month of festivals or not. Government of India start thinking about the problems related to the Air Pollution creating in the air that is not only dangerous for the old age and small kids, but it also create problem for the birds those fly in the clean air. However, just for the entertainment people burn crackers that is not negotiable.

Is it possible to ban the crackers use?

Yes, this is totally possible to ban the use of the crackers that is only possible to check out by the local cops. If any cops find any person then it is possible to put charges on him or her to break the laws that are recently made. It is totally depend on the public to control over the air pollution because in case they start keeping the crackers then it really create lots of problems. It is going to be a great disaster for them that is not negotiable for them. This national issue becomes really unpredictable.

Stop the production of crackers!

Production of crackers is needed to be stopped during the days of festivals in India. People are not able purchase the crackers that may create problem for them. Therefore, 50% problem of air pollution will be automatically solve that would be really a great option for the people. Not only this, people should simply check out each and everything perfectly that would be really fine to check out the facts related to the crackers and other things automatically.

Have you notice the sky?

Have you ever notice the sky after the night of Diwali? If yes, then you must find the black smoke in the air that is enough to make any old age or kid really sick. However, do you know the real reason behind that air pollution? Well, it is only you that is creating the problem related to this, so you should simply check out everything related to the crackers and then focus on each and everything perfectly that would be really fine to check out.

Actions taken by the government!

People should simply check out some great facts related to the pollution control and the actions taken by the government online. Even they are try to make various rules to stopping the air pollution every day. Earn the money and donate to NGOs that care for the environment, play simple and interactive betting games atทางเข้า-ufabet-ภาษาไทย/.

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